I don’t have a dog in the competitive race, but I initially used Lyft because of free rydes whyle I was getting Lyft, Tyre and Whyyl work done on the Beemer.

Airport dropoffs for my trips to Baja, car stuff…it’s all been great and I don’t have to annoy friends and family (…a friend in need is…a pest). Always engaging. You meet the most interesting people. Lately, I’ve been using Uber, but most drivers seem to be getting business from both.

I wish them both well. Apart from the experience—such as smart, engaging drivers—and it’s never taken more than 7 minutes for a pickup and usually it’s within 5—I just love the disruption of the whole thing. Suddenly, you have city politicians being pinched between selling off Taxi-Monopoly medallions for tens of thousands of dollars along with the businesses that invested million to start Taxi companies while making sure plenty of the revenue got into the hands of this worthless-fuck set of gatekeepers, and hundreds of thousands of “taxicabs” owned by regular folk making a buck on the side while offering multitudes of scale better service and overall experience.

FUCK THE CONTROLLING STATE, and fuck you for voting for it, assholes! I hate you all. You are worthless to me; to a man/woman, only interested in your safety, security, and convenience at the expense of everyone else. You are selfish to the extreme that you aren’t rationally just satisfied with your own state, but insist that others are sacrificed to your whims.

On the other hand, it’s fuck you—voters and panderers to your dictators—not taxi drivers, cabs, or the companies that provided a decent service for so long as it lasted. Their time is just up, that’s all. There was no shame, once, in manufacturing buggy whips. Just not needed anymore.

The education of bromide and slogan spouting, catechism reciting fucktards is never ending. My rage will never, ever end until society stops trying to interfere in my peaceful affairs, regardless of their nature.