When is enough enough, and it’s time to just let “God sort it out,” as they say?

There is precedent.

Amongst rolling my eyes all morning at everyone changing their Facebook profile photos to overlay the Tricolore, or The Eiffel Tower bastardized into a “peace” sign, I was looking for something that actually spoke some meaning and distinction to the issue.

Robert Bidinotto delivered:

SO, LET ME SEE. Months ago, after the terrorist attack in Paris on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, some “liberals” claimed that the victims KINDA provoked it by publishing insulting cartoons of Muhammad. Then there was the terrorist attack in Paris at a kosher deli, targeting Jews — and of course many on the left secretly felt, “Well, you KINDA had to expect the attack on Jews, because Israel, the Jewish state, oppresses Palestinians.”

But now we have ordinary diners, sports fans, and concert-goers targeted by Islamists for mass murder on the streets of the City of Light. What, exactly, did THEY do to provoke their militant Islamist murderers? For example, does anyone care to ask Ron or Rand Paul if ISIS is in France because France is “over there” in Syria or Iraq? No? Then what could have “provoked” them?

Could it possibly be that these innocents were deliberately targeted precisely because their specific activities symbolize and embody the enjoyment of a modern Western lifestyle?

It’s a crucial point that 1) cannot be legitimately denied, and 2) undercuts the whole of the anarcho-left, libertarian-left/right, and lefty-left narrative.

In comments later, Billy Beck advances this point and ads additional distinction.

These animals are acting from flagrantly anti-human metaphysics: even more evil than socialists of all stripes. At least the socialists make a claim to valuing human betterment, even so horrible as they are at it. These vermin are not like that: *all* their values lie beyond death.

They will not be demoralized by their own deaths, that of their families or anyone else. Death itself, is the value to them.

I will keep this as long as it needs to be and simply add that it’s those of both the political and religious right in America that were pretty much right all along: “they hate us for our freedoms.”

This might perhaps wake some people up or reinvigorate others. When this explicitly targets people explicitly out celebrating their lives on a Friday evening in some of the most wholesome activities you can think of—dining out, a sporting match, and a concert—it’s pretty damn tough to assign it to anything other than that they hate that we celebrate life, and not death.

Wake up. This is us or them territory, unless they stop, and I see no sign of that. Face it. The left called this wrong and has been calling it wrong all along. There is no provocation but that we live, and that we love our lives. If that’s a “provocation” that would lead them to murder us, then they need to be dispatched forthwith, lacking all concern for whoever gets caught in the crossfire.

This article originally appeared on FreeTheAnimal.com.