As a Paleo-ish guy, I’ve always had mutual value to exchange with celiac folks. There’s much common ground.

But as sure as the sun rises, “disabled” people will eventually try to pick your pockets:

P.F. Chang’s is Sued for Extra Charges on Gluten-Free Menu Items

See, just like any “disability” that’s significanty apart from the very socialized norm, we must socialize costs for outliers. Way back, see, it was all about socializing income: Social Security. Now, all fucktards believe that because they “invested” in a government Ponzi Scheme—where those who do it privately go to jail for fraud—are entitled to get a paycheck for life—even if they never again produce anything in the general social market.

That werk is done; now, it’s time to pretty up the P&L by focussing on costs for an ultimately more important black-number bottom line for the disabled, crippled, handicapped, retired. The fact of their existence is your mortgage on living your own life and trumps your values—no exceptions. To complain about it is to be tagged.

…Ironically, P.F. Chang’s was my first experience with a gluten free menu section. No good deed goes unpunished. I was just happy to see it, didn’t really notice that perhaps they were charging a premium for special, outlier service. I also understand that when in many restaurants and my wife and I split a plate, we’re taking up a table that could be more profitable, and since they give me double the plate and flatware, a surcharge for that extra, outlier SERVICE is reasonable. We don’t own the place, nor do we pretend that “society” does. …Or, that irrational laws apply, just because: a bunch of fucktards voted in a bunch of fucktards only smart enough to know their own fucktards.

…I’m guessing that in light of this lawsuit, lots of big chain restaurants are going to be signing up to include gluten free menus. The whore-lawyer involved is no surprise. They’re all whores—though some whores are more service oriented than others. The plaintiff has to be either the equivalent of a welfare mom in the projects with six dads for six kids—living on your dime while daddies are in prison or rapping—or, she’s a lilly white stay-home, helicopter mom whose worldview is formed by afternoon talk shows. Or, she’s the wife of the lawyer-whore in the top-left-hand corner of the filing. Or, just typical lottery whore, dime per dozen, who spends far more on lottery tickets or other ridiculous proclivities than the premium she’d pay at PF to serve her interests. Unfortunately, she can’t yet sue people for her random fucktarded proclivities.

Or, maybe I’m wrong and she’s just a fucking quotidien cunt. Lots of them. …Shit, I just had to check to make sure. Yes, as usually 100%, a bitch-with-a-cunt filed the lawsuit, with the whore-lawyer for bitch-cunts (they’re just as numerous).

…Some days, I observe snails and remark at how true to their nature they are. That never happens with humans. I’m absolutely never, ever surprised. No amount of human slime-trail ever surprises me.

I will never, ever champion the Celiac cause, again.

I say that with much confidence; because, I know that the vast majority will not be able to resist paying less than 2-3 bucks at P.F. Chang’s for special service for a whole meal as a result of a lawsuit (you watch: either PF “settles,” or it becomes precedent and everyone falls into line—all the while recognizing that “settle” in this day is euphemism for going from hands up to hands in pockets, while a gun is still pointed). All the whilst, I’ll just observe a 12-car line in the drive-through at a Starbucks and nod about the disproportional human decay and depravity I deal with.

The society that undeservedly calls itself American, now, is so fucked up, the rest of the world ought to be taking away its keys; and yet, the opposite is going on. The entire world’s opium-antagonism now is focussed on these United Fucktarded States; and far, far too many people are giving it a pass. Forget the past. This is not the America of Ellis Island, anymore. you’re far better off finding someplace else.

…It was at least good enough to promote longevity. Now, everyone over some age wants you to pay for their perpetual non-productivity after some age—as though there’s a natural way humans get to fuck off for the rest of their lives at the expense of stranger others. And that sort of cancer is a candy that grows. The idea of retirement that’s not 100% on your own dime or a gift of close loves is completely fucktarded and will always result in Roman-Empire-esque collapse. Or, just retire to Greece: the embarrassing bed of western philosophy, since gang banged like a cheap whore.

…Arguably, in WWII, America was the right and proper geopolitical entity to dispose of the matter, and it did so resoundingly. It’s so fucking historical now that all hubris on this ground is ridiculous—it’s literally no more relevant that when the Romans did cool shit. The people who did that were not at all like any of you, either still alive and indoctrinated, or new and smarter.