The State (and the Church) exist as agents of moral compartmentalization.

Allow me to explain. It’s simple, though less than obvious. When something makes you wince or gives you visceral repulsion as a normal human, but you then later become to accept it by means of stuff written in law books or sacred texts, what you’ve been conditioned to accept is a categorization of compartments of rights and wrongs; rights and wrongs based, not upon your own authority and senses, but upon authorities external to your own conscience—who either have means of coercion over you, or have managed to drive authoritative wedges between you and those you hold dear.

…And those who coerce, and those who drive those wedges, often have something to gain. Moreover, so do many of your loved ones. They’ve been “paid off;” often enough, through jobs their livelihood depends upon.

…How else could you get young, blond haired, blue eyed German young men to load Jewish families into boxcars, knowing the fate awaiting them? How do you override a human conscience like that, and so efficiently? The Chuch and the State—the prime institutions of the Neolithic—is how you do it. Or, most fundamentally, a substitution of their external authority over individual autonomy.

It must be done at a core level. Not mere philosophical ideology. This is why hard communism has largely been a failure. Hard Soviet-Chinese Communism made a separation between church and state far more profound than the “Land of the Free” ever did—with its cartoonish Constitutional amendment, interpreted as separation. Separate but Equal is more like it. They were serious; the former, outlawing it, in fact. In the Western democratic world, making a church-state distinction—especially in America—is rather meaningless. Making the distinction in America is rather like trying to make meaningful distinctions between family members, when all outward signs are of a family in total harmony (all the while knowing they have their spats). America was veritably founded upon religious antagonism that was brewing in Europe. Like I’ve always said: America is the lesson about why you ought never let a bunch of Puritans get into a boat together.

America: For God & Country. One in the same, essentially. Individual autonomy need not apply. Just another of the many contradictory, consonantly dissonant things ‘Mercans live with and smile about, as an eternally irritating matter of course—all the while displaying a level of hubris that’s had me embarrassed, as a passport holder, for 20 years.

Mind warp, because you didn’t see this coming. Take a 6 minute break and listen to Einstein. Yea, that’s right: 6 minutes for Einstein.

Here’s what I posted to Facebook when I saw it.

Yes, this is dead on. It’s the institution. That said, I’d have a hard time bemoaning dead soldiers (police) strewn about. I love every cop killing, no matter the circumstances, just like in any war.

Do you imagine that among all the enemy combatants in world wars, them laying mutilated on the battlefield, that there were no tender, loving souls among them, cherished by friends and family? And still you celebrated their deaths because they were an enemy of the State to which you are allegiant.

Well, I’m in league with rational, free people, and police in America are against them, institutionally; and thus, every dead cop is a blessing, in my book.

Homework, another Facebook post:

To me, the quest for understanding the human condition is one of differentiation and integration. Anyone who’s ever graded well in a class in calculus ought to understand that there is eternally space between function and absolute.

Do you explicitly understand? If not, perhaps you require more study.

So, are you really, actually thinking for yourself, or are you just paying it down from mommy bird?

baby birds feeding

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