I’ve been relatively quiet lately because in the immediate aftermath of San Bernardino and beyond, I’ve been watching the left get unraveled while exposing their core modus operandi to the astonishment, even, of plain salt-earth Democrats—to levels of amusement on my part I don’t ever recall seeing in my life. I’m not bright eyed, though. After all, the most disgusting, lying piece of shit in the entire history of American politics—that keeps turning up on the bottom of shoes—is still loved by many.


So I have to take every perceived advance toward righteous—not-politicized-sweet-lies—truth with a grain of salt. There’s still a lot of fucktards out there, and lots of them like to vote the most, and it’s the means to ends we’re stuck with.

Deliciously, we even have Obama being called the pussy he is, right on national TV. I’m informed that, ironically enough, Fox has suspended Peters from any further appearances for two weeks because of it. Never underestimate America’s penchant for being the land of maternalism.

We also have this continual barrage of trying-real-hard-against-hope leftist pacifism: Journalist who was held captive by ISIS for 10 months says ‘bombing them is a trap’. Now, that’s an important video to watch, because it’s like school in how deluded the left is. Listen to Nicolas Henin explain exactly what I have been saying in how very fervent they are, but inside his own leftist narrative of belief, he does not understand that we have nothing to offer them.

They insist on war and in their own way, are brining it. Do people not understand what that means?

War is what they want because if you have been digging deep, you’ll find that the most fervent truly believe their god will deliver victory if they draw us in. It’s absolutely like the suicide bombers who believe they get 70 virgins in paradise. There’s no way to fact-check that, so just as with those who think their grandpa and grandma are in a better place, looking down on them, and they’ll see ’em again one day, you have tens and maybe hundreds of millions of Muslims fantasizing that their blown-to-bits friends, relatives, and comrades are really getting it on with 70 virgins in paradise.

…As an aside, it occurs to me that one profound cultural difference between all us all is that I don’t think female virginity is all that universally appealing in the West, much less 70 tasks of that magnitude (and probably no picnic for modern gals, either). From much of what I see in this regard, I’m given to the impression that radicalized Muslim males are typically either virgins or rapists, with little middle ground.

Moving along, there’s going to be no choice in this matter. At this level of irreconcilable disconnect, there is going to be war, and it is going to kill millions of civilians, including women and children. Best get over it. There is precedent. We’re not “there” yet, by which I mean peaceful coexistence, such as we in the modern enlightened West have mutually enjoyed for a long, long time. We have a long way to go, and you seemingly can’t get from A to C without first passing through B. It’s baked into the socio-evolutionary cake.

I’ll remind everyone that there will always be opposition from the left towards true progress, i.e., peaceful coexistence, with robust trade creating economies that bind, by which I mean: bind the hands of the political class—their constituencies having become mutually dependent on myriad levels of a complex division-of-labor in trade on international scales.

There will always be opposition from the left, even libertarians too often caught up in their intransigent narrative. Some will still even deny, with 20/20 hindsight, that what was done in the Western and Eastern theaters of WWII didn’t have to be done, and if you care to look, you’ll find all manner of pre-war hand waving from fascists, socialists, pacifists, nationalists, and isolationists. And later, once things got rolling and everyone saw what we were up against, some even advocated overt formal surrender, to be followed by non-violent resistance. Yes, bright-eyed fucktardism has a history.

It repeats itself. Those ignorant of it doom those of us who know it, to watch them repeat it.

We are dealing with an ideological foe, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. What differentiates an ideological foe (as opposed to one principally seeking real estate) is that you have nothing to offer them. They literally seek the destruction of our ideology, one that leads to the massive productivity and celebration of life we do. Their values are beyond our lives; death and their fantasies of what comes after takes up all their time. That’s their value calculation, and wherein they work, in order to gain and keep.

They are not an industrial power, but rather an ideological foe with unassailable, pure doctrinal adherence, without contradiction. It’s manifestly self-confirming. You can not fight that with counter-ideology or offers of concessions that only confirms your weak depravity in their deluded minds. You have to fight it with as many of their deaths as possible, until their ultimate aim of death has been achieved. It’s like mind control. Once the control has reached its objective, there’s no values left to act for.

Or, to state it another way, their very deaths are the only value we have to offer them.

…Here’s a great pantsing of the PansieAss-in-Chief.

Mind you, that Jive Talker was so fucking pathetic that he sent his attorney general on Sunday morning TV to float balloons and stick a wet finger in the air so that the little wanker could later “strike the right cord,” “resonate with the base,” “deliver hope to the people,” and any number of other bullshit.

He’s not a leader.

He’s a follower and exploiter of opinion on scales of political calculation that he’s apparently too stupid to understand are wearing thin, or, he’s an ideologue, doubling down, on some spectrum that calls to mind all I’ve just written.

Originally posted to FreeTheAnimal.com.