I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with all I’ve seen about Tim Cook, Apple CEO, defying a court order to code a workaround for the iPhone 5c left by our bro & sis native-immigant hybrid bombers in San Bernardino. Both ways.

It frustrates me when people do not extract, identify, understand, and then argue from essentials. Like, people will not pay for various levels of security, for whatever their reasons?

Shovels used to be a great device for ensuring your security. Dig a hole somewhere, drop stuff in it, and cover it up. Back then, various governments and lords were well aware that it would be pointless to hit up shovel manufacturers for the location of all buried treasure and incriminating evidence.

Torture notwithstanding, the only real issue on the table is whether you can buy a truly secure product…reminiscent of shovels, or not. There’s no middle ground. It’s secure, or it’s not secure. Do you understand simple logic, by which I mean, are you smarter than the 99%?

Here’s a tech piece that gets into all details you may want. Bottom line, and interesting, is that while Apple could comply with this order and maybe successfully get at the data, later iterations of the hardware render Apple a shovel manufacturer:

Apple can comply with the FBI court order.