One thing I’m liking about the left nowadays, is that I see them attacking Trump on principled grounds (morally). I don’t really share their principles, but it’s different than is typical, where discourse is limited to some “calculus” over how different ways checkers get moved around the board, and that “causes” certain consequences, and the antagonism is reduced to ‘will I be better off?’ (all the while they ironically preach altruism as principle). Of course, that’s all silly fantasy, because the checkerboard is as the checkerboard does…and how’s abouts a box ‘o chocolates?

In other words, what’s important in the game of practical politics is engagement in the game. Love and hate are two sides of the same minted coin. Indifference is worthless. It’s all about creating as many “political junkies” as possible, regardless of their Tweedle[d(x)] status. Political junkies are as political junkies do…and how abouts a box ‘o chocolates?

But here’s what I find hilarious in the spectacle. Trump is being roundly ridiculed by the left for simply stating his [stupid] positions frankly and openly. One might even say he’s being honest, or at least truthful. Whether or not he could ever actually accomplish any of this stuff as president is an open question—but one that favors doubt, I believe. But, it’s quite something to watch a guy actually be who he is in this top level of the political arena and have so many people get so gobsmacked over it.

In other words, his value is that he’s really exposing the whole farce for exactly what it is; which is, politics: a competition over who can lie the best and sell the most boxes ‘o chocolates. No idea whether he knows this or not; but in addition, he’s exposing the Republican party for what it is to a very large extent: people who sincerely hate a lot of good people and feel good when these good people are in torment or hurting, or devastated. That’s as fundamental as I can put it and it corresponds to my upbringing, where I noticed that Republican fundamentalist “loving Christians” expressed veiled glee when, once their catechism was rejected, gained comfort and elation in “knowing” that God will punish them, and such person(s) would burn in hell forever.

But I also can’t let the left off the hook because there’s the issue of the brazen liar, Tweedledum. And c’mon; are people really going to sign up for another 4-8 years of the equivalent of “I did not have sex with that woman,” or, evasions like: “it depends on what is, is.” Please. Tired, yet?

30 Seconds.

So, there you have it. Nobody should be president. The whole idea is an ancient absurdity. Nobody should rule or dominate other people and the idea that democracy or representative republicanism make it ok is manifestly ridiculous for 200 years and counting.

Nobody should get to rule another person, no matter how many lynch mobs vote on it.

And lefties, if you’re going to go all moralistic, which is fine by me, then be consistent about it. The first you ought condemn are liars. That’s plain and simple. Don’t you think that’s an easy one, given that the Tweedledee is obviously telling the truth?

Or, is it that it takes one to know one, and you’re lying to yourself and living in cognitive dissonance for the sake of the tribe?

The featured image of Hillary and Trump is by DonkeyHotey (CC BY-SA 2.0 — photoshopped).